Saturday, July 15, 2017

Verticut Fairways on the North Course

Why Do We Verticut Turfgrass?
Last week we verticut the Bermudagrass fairways on the North Course.  Verticutting, or vertical mowing, is often employed to address thatch control in Bentgrass putting greens.  Verticutting our fairways at Rancho Murieta Country Club displaces thatch build up and opens the canopy (uppermost layer) allowing the turf to breathe. The benefits of this mechanical process include eliminating accumulation of organic layers, improving irrigation efficiency, and allowing moisture penetration into the soil.

In an effort to increase Bermudagrass coverage in the fairways, we follow up with a high nitrogen application. The Bermudagrass will fill in the areas where we have lost cool season turf due to very hot temperatures.

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Thank you,
Rodney Muller
Golf Course Superintendent